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Author Topic: Macro turn lamp on but sometimes not off after delay.  (Read 1222 times)

Paul H te O

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Macro turn lamp on but sometimes not off after delay.
« on: April 08, 2012, 05:52:20 AM »

Hi All,

I use activehomepro 3.316 with a CM15PRO and X0 modules, I have the following problem:
Sometimes a macro doesn't finisch.
I let a motion sensor avtivate a macro, to turn a lamp on (only when it is off, that's the condition).
The macro does the lamp off after a delay from 2,5 minutes.
Some times the lamp doesn't goes off!!!!
It's not a signal problem because other whise the macro should trigger again by the motion sensor.
But that is not happening because in the CM15PRO the lamp is also stil on.
Is this a bug in the software? or what can I do about this?

This is the macro:
Name: C9 aan LED trap aan
Trigger: C9 On
Condition's: Module Status Off LED trap, Vitrine
(C4) LED trap ON
Delay for 02:30
(C4) LED trap OFF

Thanks for the repley's

P.S. The module is a DIN rail applaince module and the macro is stored in the interface.
Housecode C is the monitored house code.
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