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Author Topic: Airpad XL Refurbished Review  (Read 37271 times)


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Re: Airpad XL Refurbished Review
« Reply #60 on: June 27, 2012, 03:05:42 PM »

Ok I am at about a month of using ICS 0331 following Hairface's instructions on "fixing" the keyboard and volume controls. (simple process).

And no problems to report.   To me it is faster and superior to 2.34 (what came on it) and I have had no crashes or bugs.  New apps are out each day for ICS and they all seem to run fine.

Google Store and google apps run so well, I can't believe you would be without them.

I do notice the spell check is short on words - but "who caares?" :)

What do you mean by simple process when referring to "fixing" the keyboard and volume controls? It took me 3 hours online with Hairface via IM to get my key files replaced with the working ones it was not easy for me because it involved confusing to me Unix commands, are you a advanced Unix programmer or Unix user?

I have 0331 and both web browsers run slowly and I constantly get the message that the browser is not responding with the option to wait or end the program, maybe it has something to do with whatever apps I have installed but I don't know how to determine which app is causing the slow browser performance maybe the weather apps I installed that run in the background checking to see if the weather data has been updated or maybe the program that keeps my system clock acculturate(ClockSync) to the atomic clock which I installed because I kept noticing the system clock was off by 2 or 3 minutes and once it was off my over 10 minutes and I have the Automatic date & time option enabled in system settings, maybe my ISP's clock is not very accurate.


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Re: Airpad XL Refurbished Review
« Reply #61 on: June 27, 2012, 03:17:45 PM »

just as an FYI I have a batch file you can run on your windows machine and it will update the keyfiles for you, also have one for adding google play.

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Re: Airpad XL Refurbished Review
« Reply #62 on: June 28, 2012, 08:49:31 AM »

Well any "Weather" app to me is problematic.  Especially if it's from Weatherbug.
But in my experience - with ICS 0331 - Internet and OS is MUCH faster and snappier than with Gingerbread.

Not to Mention - how wonderful it is to have all the missing Google apps working like Google App Store.

The original step by step - did have some omissions in it - and I have NEVER used UNIX before - but I figured it out on my own.  I then sent back a revised script with the omissions added (it was nothing serious - just in parts they forgot to say hit return --- etc.)

Now there is a batch file from hairface - do it the easy way.

By the way Hairface - I would love a copy of both batch files. :)

Now on the other hand ICS 0510 - the "beta" for X10 missing Google app store - was a disaster.  I simply don't understand how 0331 can be so close to perfect, and the one made for X10 can be such a disaster.

Does removing the Google app store - really trash the OS that bad?

No wonder we have heard nothing from Repair Depot in weeks about the ICS upgrade....

If you want my opinion - reload the OS - and run it alone for a week and see how you like it - don't pile it full of apps right out of the gate - then you will never know if the OS is the problem or if the apps are.  Add apps one at a time - and see how they affect your performance.  When it dogs down, you will know which apps is the trouble maker.

ES taskmanager is great for seeing what is loading on boot, and managing memory.

here is a hint - if you have a ton of apps syncing - that could be your problem - try switching them to manual sync. 

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