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Author Topic: Help Switching CM19A windows home automation to Mac  (Read 5448 times)


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Help Switching CM19A windows home automation to Mac
« on: February 21, 2013, 09:24:20 PM »

Before i start i've read the other posts regarding the CM19A under Mac OS/x (i would be very interested in hearing exactly how to get the CM19A to play nice with virtualbox so i can run my software) - i've searched and been unable to find a definitive answer or even some sort of wishy washy guidelines.

I had a windows server running x10 commander (uses active home pro sdk) to control my light with my iphone - the x10 transceiver is the USB CM19A controller.  this set up works great for me - this is what i need to replicate...

I have been trying to get the CM19A recognized under a XP VM on my new mac server with no success, i've tried finding mac drivers and control software for the CM19A with no luck.

My windows set up only cost me something like 25$ to set up for two lights (not counting the stupid pricey x10 commander iphone app) ...  I would really like to figure a way to get my server running on my mac so that you nkow i can turn my lights on and off without having to run a standalone windows server just for x10.

any tips suggestions or pointers would be appreciated.
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Re: Help Switching CM19A windows home automation to Mac
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2013, 05:51:57 PM »

I have read several messages regards to getting the X10 IP Pan/Tilt to function properly using WiFi.  I have attempted everything that has been mentioned, however I just realized that everyone has been referring a Windows OS.  I have a MAC and need help on getting my camera's working.  The software that came with the camera's doesn't work, I was only able to find the camera's once and then when I attempted to go WiFi (which didn't work I lost that capability.  Sure could use help.
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