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Author Topic: Programming ir34a with long channel numbers  (Read 87479 times)


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Programming ir34a with long channel numbers
« on: April 25, 2013, 03:12:29 PM »

I have several sets that are working directly with cable input (no set top box), and they receive digital channels via a QAM tuner.

The problem is that some of these QAM channel numbers are too long to enter when programming the ir34a, which only allows 6 characters.

One such channel on one set is the ION/PXN channel which appears as 117-703; the dash must be entered.  Some QAM tuners use a period instead of a dash, but it is still required.

I thought of programming a macro, but they have a minimum delay of 1 second between commands which is enough to cause the first part of the command to disappear.

How can this be accomplished?
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