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Author Topic: 2 cameras setup "anonymous:incorrect user" or " fail to connect.." Need help!  (Read 6934 times)


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Partial Success with 2 camera set up.

I found that by changing my security setting in my Linksys G router to "Filter Multicast" to OFF, the AirSight software WILL allow me to see my two cameras! So that is one problem solved for now.

Still unable to view any cameras on my workstation computer running Windows & Home Premium? Still getting the error message that "Anonymous: incorrect User, failed to connect".

I have tried a number of different settings for IE regarding ActiveX but am unable to get the camera software to work.

My Genisis cell phone has always seen both cameras. So I give up for now. Will check back later to see whether anyone has any new suggestions?
Have you tried to delete the software from the computer?  Not just uniinstall.. i mean doing a search ( click start > type ip camera > ) an delete what may be found in the list.

Maybe something didn't get install where it should have been.
I had that happen with Active X.

It seems clear that something is blocking.. weather its the router, computer or ISP.

Personally i would put everything back to the factory setting (router, computer) and redo if all possible.

I just had to redo my computer, since i lost use of my DVD Drive and couldn't find drivers on line.
HP didn't have it. MS had to much do this an do that and the other thing.
It was easy to just put it back to the factory settings.
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