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Author Topic: PLC to IR "Converter"  (Read 26418 times)


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PLC to IR "Converter"
« on: September 19, 2014, 02:49:48 PM »

A module that will accept a PLC command, and output a pre-mapped IR signal.

For example, an PLC "on" command could map to a TV "on" IR command.   A PLC "dim" command could map to a TV "volume down" IR command.  Etc.

Maybe if it could handle more than one unit code, each unit code could map to a different device.   For example, unit code 1 would be IR command for your TV.   Unit code 2 would be IR command for your cable box.   Etc.
Kind of like the ill-fated CM14A, it would have a IR emitter on a wire (same one that used for the Pyramid Receiver), and a IR detector to learn IR commands.
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Re: PLC to IR "Converter"
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2014, 11:10:19 PM »

I like that idea. I have something very much like that using BVC (Bill's Voice Commander) and the IR USB-UIRT. It allows for the reading/encoding of IR commands... with a variety of ways to trigger them. Of course some sort of laptop or netbook needs to be used to make it all work. I've also used IR rebroadcasting devices to make the IR whole-house... with mixed results.

Currently... I've been using my iPhone as my X10 remote, using the Melloware. I've also purchased a IR blaster that connects to the phone using Blue Tooth. I cheaped out with the unit I bought... and I am not thrilled with my results.

I understand... that some Android phones have a built-in blaster. I look towards the phones for solutions... more all the time. 
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Re: PLC to IR "Converter"
« Reply #2 on: September 20, 2014, 12:27:00 PM »

I want to point out that there is already a device that fits this description that I have had success with, though it wasn't easy to find:

IR Device Controller

It looks like the X10-3011 is currently out of stock, but the "new version", the X10-3012UK, is available.  When I ordered, it was the opposite.

IR Device Controller (New Version)

They carry a 110V version of the X10-3011 that works in the US, but they don't show that on the product page; I had to use the "Contact Us" link and ask about it.  I don't know if there is a 110V version of the X10-3012UK.  This store ships to the US.  They don't accept US currency, but you can pay via PayPal and it will do the currency conversion.  Check the exchange rates for each currency they accept ( because they fluctuate and choosing one over the other could save you money.

My second X10-3011 (110V version) works pretty well for me (the first one was defective).  It uses a single house code and you can program 32 IR commands, 2 per unit code.  Each unit code has the ON and OFF command codes mapped to a learned IR command.  I would wish for a little more density since unit codes can be in short supply in a large system and X10 has so many command codes, but it's still twice the density of another product I remember seeing on  The IR codes are learned from existing remotes right on the unit and stored in nonvolatile memory so they are not lost if the unit is unplugged or the power goes out.  I've used it to control my TV and a couple of other components.  This unit makes it possible for an X10 macro to execute a task sequence on my entertainment center (turn on the TV, switch inputs, and start a DVD playing, for example).  Another idea:  You could make your TV switch to an input connected to a door camera when someone rings the doorbell.

The X10-3011 doesn't have external IR LEDs like an IR blaster, but the X10-3012UK does.  However, I'm not sure if there is a 110V version available for the X10-3012UK.

All of this being said, I would love to see a US-designed product that makes better use of X10's many command codes and has connectors for more external IR LEDs.
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