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Author Topic: X10 items  (Read 1957 times)


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X10 items
« on: August 15, 2015, 05:14:56 PM »

Went through all the X10 stuff I've bought over the last 25+ years, for anyone who is interested in the various manufacturer and model numbers:

Manufacturer   Item   Model#
Advance Control Technologies    Fixture Module   RF100
IBM Home Director    3-prong Appliance Module   HD466 75H9444
IBM Home Director    Mini Controller   HD460 02K1029
IBM Home Director    Keychain X-10 Remote   4004IBM
Leviton    Central Controller   6220
Leviton    Decora Home Control single-pole wall switch   6291-WI
Leviton    Remote Wall Light Switch   6225
Magnavox    Lamp Module   LMT-101
Radio Shack    2-prong Appliance Module   61-2681A
Radio Shack    Lamp Module   61-2682A
Radio Shack    Mini Remote Control Center   61-2677B
Radio Shack    Wireless Remote Control System - Receiver w/built-in antenna   61-2676
Radio Shack    Wireless Remote Control System - Transmitter   61-2676-T
X-10   Anywhere Camera 2.4 GHz   XX16A-C
X-10   Battery Pack w/Adaptor   ZB11A-C
X-10   Camera Scanning Remote Control   CR12A
X-10   IR Command Center   IR543
X-10   Mini-Transceiver   TM751-C
X-10   NightWatch B/W Camera 60' cord   SC32A
X-10   PalmPad remote   HR12A-C
X-10   Remote Controlled Power 12VDC Supply   XM17A
X-10   Small Video Sender   VK54A-C
X-10   Telephone Responder   TR551
X-10   Transceiver Module   TM751
X-10   Universal Remote Control - 6 in 1 RF   UR19A
X-10   Video Receiver w/ no audio   VR36A-C
X-10   Wireless Audio/Video Receiver 2.4 GHz   VR30A
X-10   Wireless Audio/Video Receiver 2.4 GHz   VR36A
X-10   Wireless Audio/Video Sender 2.4 GHz   VT32A
X-10   Wireless wide-angle Camera Kit    XX17A-C
X-10 Pro   3-prong Appliance Module   PAM02
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