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Author Topic: Windows 10 and AHP issues  (Read 1984 times)


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Windows 10 and AHP issues
« on: December 01, 2015, 09:28:03 AM »

I like so many jumped on the Win 10 bandwagon because of the free upgrade offer.
Moving AHP over to it can be a chore in some cases.
I've found most of these issues to be with 64Bit and security measures implemented since Win 7, 10 seemed to take that to an extra level. B:(
Two of 4 machines I upgraded have had some issue or another all are 64 bit.
Two machines updated are 32 bit and have had no issues as yet. ???

Since many users that moved there HA setups to 10 used AHP_Lifejacket issues are being reported suspecting that to be the issue.
Many of the issues have been documented back to XP so that's not the case.

I started a thread to help users nail down possible causes and how to fix them.
On my site here:
I know not all are related to 64 bit but a 32 bit OS won't see all the issues that a 64 bit could.
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