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Author Topic: Airsight XX70A review (2017)  (Read 4255 times)


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Airsight XX70A review (2017)
« on: March 19, 2017, 05:50:25 PM »

I've had this camera for several months now SO I thought it was time to post something
The XX60 has a far crisper picture though I'm told it is possible to adjust the xx70a focus internally.
I may attempt this at some point when I take it down for a cleaning.
I do like some of the features and reading up on this camera it appears it may have an internal place to add a SD card.
If this is the case I'll be sure to have one on hand when I take it down to play with the focus.
There is a cruse option where you select pre-sets and the camera will move threw them, you can set a pause between movements as well which is nice.
I put this up replacing an Easyn, Fseries camera which had lost Wi-Fi ability. However seems the Wi-Fi signal strength is even lower then the Easyn was before it stopped working. :( a Wi-Fi repeater fixed this issue. Even my phone Wi-Fi connection was not good from the mounting spot. ::) :'

There was rumour that X10 was going to drop this camera from its Airsight line, but I see it is back in supply so I guess that's not the case.
Hope the focus issue was addressed.
The color Quality on this is about the same as the XX60a which is far better then the Foscam or Easyn cameras I had.
Overall I guess I'm semi satisfied with the camera but for it being a HD camera it Fails!. :'(
Given the picture of this camera I'd have to recommend the XX60A over it.
I believe I also like the exterior appearance of the XX60 over this one.

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