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Author Topic: Facial Recognition is too cool to NOT integrate  (Read 1558 times)

HA Dave

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Facial Recognition is too cool to NOT integrate
« on: August 07, 2017, 01:58:11 PM »

Do to some carelessness on my part... involving grandkids playing and my laptop... I now have a new laptop. The old one had been purchased as a Windows 8 unit... but received the free 10 download. The working part is fine.... it's only the case that received damage (which if handled a lot could be progressive).

I am normally pretty thrifty when spending on my hobbies.... But I decided to invest a little more than I normally would and got a decent setup. This Windows 10 Laptop uses Facial Recognition for the logon. I don't know who went 1st... I've heard Apple's new system also uses this tech.  But... Facial Recognition is just too cool! I had never used it at all before now. But [had] read great things about the MS gaming (360?) using Facial Recognition. It should be on door locks and alarm control panels too.

There was a forum member here (and he also posted at the BVC forum) kenrad(?) that was experimenting with 360 stuff. He was really on to something!

Winter will be here soon enough.... and "indoor projects" might already be accumulating. With Alexa's addition (even though that was in December of last year) it's been a VERY good year for Home Automation. The possibilities for HA in 2018... may only be limited... by our own imaginations.   
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