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Author Topic: Resolve X10net issue with the latest AHP3.318  (Read 2429 times)


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Resolve X10net issue with the latest AHP3.318
« on: October 10, 2017, 04:08:52 PM »

Have been using x10 since 1996.   I am currently using Marmitek  V3.316 in the US with CM11A on Win 7 64bit.    It crashes often but I have found way to update and download my macro to CM11A.

I was thrilled to read about the latest AHP 3.318  (US) that will run with  on  64bit Win 7/10.  THANKS.

Cannot say I uninstalled the 3.316 cleanly  and    have problem with installing  AHP 3.318  (more than once). It never completely finish  or close the install sub- window.   

Anyway, when I start AHP 3.318,  I got  "error getting x10net  service".   With Service.msc ,  I try to manual start  the  x10net service  (x10 Network Service). Its status is  "stopping   and Disabled (logon as Local..)   It won't let me change any of their setting and  said The Specific service is marked for deletion".             I even use REGEDIT to change the "deleteflg value " from 1 to 0.   Still have the same issue.     I am stuck.

Please help me on how I can clean up system to install AHP 3.318 ?

My x10Net Registries:
defalut:    value not set
deleteflag     0x00000000 (zero)
DependonService  RPCSS
Displayname     x10 Device Netowork service
Error control     0x000000001 (1)
Start     value of 4
Type value 272
WOW64     value 1.

The 1st time I install the AHP 3.318, it asked me to install the x10 Hardware   and then X10net (something), which I did.    For general installation with CM11A (or CM15A in the future), do I really need to click next to install the "x10Hardware" and the "x10net" ?



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Re: Resolve X10net issue with the latest AHP3.318
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2017, 06:01:47 PM »

Because of the way the 3.318 installer was created you can't skip a part of the install.
It has been a while since I ran the European version of AHP but the folders where different configuration files are stored should be the same.
Try the uninstalling AHP  then stop x10nets.
with X10nets stopped then delete the AHP folder, the C:\ProgramData\X10 Settings folder, the C:\ProgramData\Active Home Professional folder, and the C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\X10 and sub folders
To maintain your settings back up all ahx files first these can be placed back into the AHP folder after the install, however since you were using the European version some modules may need a reconfiguration.
If your comfortable with editing the registry you can remove all X10 and AHP references however new keys will be created on a reinstall.
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