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Author Topic: FAQs  (Read 9342 times)


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« on: January 16, 2018, 06:59:38 PM »

I've received a number of questions about this module over time so I'll start a thread to hopefully answer some.
the manual may also be updated to include these over time.
If you have any questions feel free to post and if I can't answer I'll try to get a response from Authinx.

Q1:Will this replace my PC interface?
A: Since this is PLC only and AHP is such a powerfull program the answer is most likely not.
However the potential is there for it to replace the CM11 just not the CM15.

Q2: Can this be used with AHP?
A: Directly no as there is no PC conection. However with a cm11 or CM15 connected to your PC you can use AHP as they will see the PLC signals.

Q3: Is there plans to have an Alexa or Google home skill?
A: Yes, I'm told the developer is looking at Alexa now and will look at google home second.

Q4: Do I need to setup port forwarding in my router?
A: In most cases no, thought the port and IP info for it is found by clicking on the history in settings if you need that info.

Q5: Will the Protocol be released?
A: It is Authinx's intention to have it released they have been presureing the manufacture since day one on this and have said they will increase the presure untill they have it.

Q6: is the WIFI unit firmware upgradeable?
A: Yes! This was originaly asked for by users prior to going to the manufacture, the need for such was driven home in the beta tests which required going back to the manufacture for hardware changes.

Q7: Are there plans to expand the app with complicated macros like AHP has?
A: Authinx has stated they plan to add and expand on the app and the WM100s abilities as the demand grows.
this is why it is important to post in the wish list section polls so Authinx can see just how much of a demand is on for specific things.
The WM100 I'm told has a much larger onboard memory then anything prior, so it is capable of storing more info then the CM15

Q8: Why are there Android and iOS QR codes in the User Manual?
A: these if scaned will take you to the app download page for your phone.

Q9: Can I access the WM100 with a Windows Phone?
A: Currently No. Only iOS and Android devices with a camera and wifi are able to utilize an app and connect to the WM100

Q10: Can I use my PC to control the WM100.
A: Yes!  Currently an android simulator is required to do so see:
In the future if/when the protocol is released an emulator may not be required.

Q11: will the module work with  a 5gHz wireless network?
A: No, it uses 2.4 gHz

Q 12: Can I use this from out side my home network?
A: Yes

Q13: I get repeated time sync pop ups Why and how do I stop this?
A: Currently the app on the phone checks the WM100s clock if the two are out of sync you'll get this, usually it happens only on first tart up or if the WM100 loses power.
However some time the phone can be the culprit. Turning off the automatic time sync from network on the phone has been shown to solve this.

Q14: My Phone no longer connects to my wifi after install of app. What happened?
A: Although this is rare users my find this is the fix-

Q15: My phone refuses to setup the WM100 what is wrong?
A: This is most likely related to the above. There are some security apps found on phones that dislike the X10WIFI app setup method. The solution (for now) is to disable the security app while doing the setup or use another device (tablet, or phone ) for initial setup.
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Re: FAQs
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2018, 09:07:39 AM »

Does anyone know anything about the general IOT (Internet Of Things) security issues with respect to the WM100?

i.e. is it subject to hacking to provide local network access to malicious attackers?

Thanks in advance,
Beverly Howard
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