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Author Topic: SC1200 remote operation question  (Read 1766 times)


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SC1200 remote operation question
« on: February 26, 2019, 07:52:33 PM »


when the unit dials my cell phone due to an alarm, is there some way for me to send it my PIN so I can check the system status or disarm/arm the console during the alarm call (without my having to call back into the unit)?

Just thought there might be some secret code I wasn't aware of...



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Re: SC1200 remote operation question
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2019, 09:48:54 PM »

No. Not that I know of. You would have to call back with the below instructions to check the status.

The Console has remote telephone access, with voice responses to acknowledge receipt
of remote commands.
When you call home, the Console answers and says “Please enter PIN.” You enter your
PIN using the touch tone buttons on the remote telephone.
If the PIN is entered correctly it says “PIN accepted”. If wrong it says “Error.”
Pressing 0, then * (on the remote telephone’s touch tone keypad) arms the Console.
Pressing 0, then # disarms the Console.
Pressing 9, then 9, then * tells you the current system status: I.E. it says Armed Home,
Armed away, Disarmed, Panic alarm, or Alarm in zone (1 – 32).

Link to manual:

You can listen in during the "alarm" call, but you cannot check status of system.

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