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New X-10 / TV/ Sky etc universal remote

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I just had my old Xanura ABX1 remote die on me...well...I snapped it in two..after if kept failing to learn codes, do a master reset or anything ..some buttons not working, ..multiple sets of new batteries etc ...I got annoyed and snapped it in two !  Stopped me wasting m,ore time on it ! ;)

Now I need to buy a replacement, and was wondering about a harmony Elite and the hub ...

I have X-10 lighting and appliance modules, Alexa devices in two rooms and a raspberry pi Running BWSystems HA Bridge.

So ...wil something like the Harmony Elite and the hub be able to drive my X-10 stuff...will it do it directly or will I some how have to interface it with eh HA-Bridge...

Any hints appreciated.

I have ksut ordered a pair o X10-UR24's ...but the Harmony and the potential for voice control via Alexa and the phone app is sounding good too.


dave w:
I have a Hub and use a phone to control TV, DVD, DVR, etc and some X10.  X10 control on the Harmony phone app is pretty lame. The hub sends X10 control via IR (not RF like the X10 remote) so you will also need a X10 IR543 "Command Center" to receive the IR codes from the hub and then put them on the house lines. X10 no longer makes the IR543 but you might find on Ebay or a Google search. The IR543 can only control one house code, so your X10 control is very limited. And expect NO help from Logitech Harmony. They are X10 clueless. AFA Alexa, I have not tried, but before trying to track down a IR543 I would email Harmony and confirm you can control X10 through the hub with Alexa. And if they say you can....keep the email. 


I would be looking to control my stuff via the HA Bridge running on the Raspberry Pi.  See the attached screen grab of the HA -Bridge running on the Pi.

it has a harmony Hub section....so I think that was how it would be done, get the X-10 stuff driven from that Harmony connection page...not sure how or what would need to be entered yet...I had hoped someone here would know and tell me if my thoughts were correct.

So the Harmony system communicates to the X-10 via the HA - bridge. 

At the moment, I use Alexa to turn on/off/dim  X-10 stuff.  The HA Bridge acts as translator between the Alexa system and then the Raspberry pi with HABridge running has an X-10 CM11 unit connected to it..the HABridge sends signal to the CM11 that sends the power line signals..

Been speaking with BWSystems who developed the HA-Bridge.

Seems that the Harmony Hub will just “see” all my X-10
devices in the same way as Alexa sees them.  The HA-Bridge presents the X-10 devices as Philips Hue devices... I had forgotten how it worked

Harmony Hub on its way... will update when it arrives.

dave w:

--- Quote from: npaisnel on August 15, 2019, 10:17:39 PM ---Harmony Hub on its way... will update when it arrives.

--- End quote ---
Yes! I have not been keeping up, so would appreciate any new information. Thanks!


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