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Best media streaming tv box?

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Its time to update my media streamer at my off grid place.
I have a old Android box but none of the newer tv apps will work with it. I was using a pi3b+ previously at the off grid place but that is suffering from underpower issues whick make using the desktop impossible.
I'm  looking at either one of the following:
1, New Android (9) box
2, Roku TV box
3, Amazon fire cube
4, Amazon TV Fire Stick
I'm wondering what others are currently using and if they would recommend something and why?

Obviously, it depends on what streaming connections you want but I've been using a small PC (Lenovo Q190) with Firefox for the past 4 years. I get about 40 OTA channels and those along with Amazon Prime and (now and then) Netflix could keep me in my recliner 24/7. It also has the advantage of browsing the web, if desired.


--- Quote from: Tuicemen on February 26, 2020, 08:04:15 AM ---I'm  looking at either one of the following:
1, New Android (9) box
2, Roku TV box
3, Amazon fire cube
--- End quote ---

We have two Rokus, and they have worked almost flawlessly since we bought them several years ago.  Maybe a couple of times a year one has to be rebooted with a power cycle.  I recommend the one with the RF remote link so you don't have to point the remote right at it.

We are screeners for DocUtah, and some of their documentaries are on a site not serviced by Roku.  In those cases we use the Win7 laptop, but the Roku is far more convenient.


I have used mini PC's in the past as well as TV sticks with some success. TV sticks use wifi and since my internet is already a slow connection, a Ethernet connection provides the best streaming.
I have cableTV in the city so I can stream that content to my off grid place provided the player supports it. I really only need to get the local news there OTA signals are not strong enough to get good reception.
Basicaly everything allows web browsing now a days and for all of that I do there my phone does the job just fine.

I'm  actualy leaning towards a Roku TV box or maybe the Alexa fire TV cube. However I don't realy need another Alexa device there. ::) :'
The ability to stream my cable channels to the off grid place is a concern for my wife as she likes to watch the same morning news shows while having a coffee that she enjoys in the city.


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