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Author Topic: WeatherAlerter died after HG v1.3 stable.13 update  (Read 5115 times)


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Re: WeatherAlerter died after HG v1.3 stable.13 update
« Reply #15 on: June 20, 2020, 01:16:15 PM »

All programs & widgets posted for HG by me are ment to be expanded on and as a learning tool, not just for  me. The code is visible to be tweaked any way an end user sees fit. 
A word on the openweather API, the free version is limited to the number of calls you can make with a key once you go over that limit data will not be refreshed. That was one reason I used the info from the HG open weather rather the make a direct pull. If you have other programs runing on other machine nusing the same key your limit will be reached quicker. Your not limited to the number of keys you can have for the api so use a different key for different programs using the API.
As for the Duck DNS program and wiget, the displayed IP in the widget is not part of a DNS status call. (No need for DuckDNS registration)So users could modify the code and widget to only do a IP request and display just that.
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