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Author Topic: 40 years of X10 stuff for sale  (Read 1194 times)


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40 years of X10 stuff for sale
« on: October 05, 2021, 07:48:27 PM »

I started home automation with an Apple II that connected to X10 using ultrasonic, and I've gone from there. But, today I have gone over to the dark side, abandoning my old reliable X10 configuration, complete with a Time Commander, in favor of (gasp) Amazon's Alexa. I did this, not because X10 didn't meet my needs, but because there really isn't much support for my wife's use of it once I'm gone. So, here's a bunch of X10 stuff for sale. I hope that someone will buy it and keep the X10 light burning. It was a great ride..

I'm asking $99 including mailing in the USA.

Interested?? Email me at
Here's the list of everything in the picture:
Top Row
Time Commander computer with powerline interface module, power supply, and serial cable
Ultrasonic control
Infrared control
Eight unit control
Second Row
Eight unit control
16 unit control
Three handheld remotes
RF switch panel  - new in box
Third Row
Two motion detectors
Thermostat setback power supply is above the motion detectors
Remote that works with the two older control boxes in top row
Two multifunction remotes
Two RF switch panels new in box
Fourth Row
Two wall outlets
Early RF wall panel
Burglar Alarm interface
RF receiver
Decorator wall switch new in package unopened
Fifth Row
Two chime modules
Four RF receiver modules
One Wall switch
Three slave wall switches work with above for 3-way installation
One lamp module
Sixth Row
Eleven Lamp Modules
Seventh Row
Ten Appliance Modules some two prong, some three prong
Bottom Row
Two Socket Rockets
Two Appliance Modules
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