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I tried searching for information about the GB10A, here on the forum, but it's all pretty old, some going back to before the original company folded.  Does the currently available model (not the old ones), really have a sound sensor on it, or is does it just sense the glass vibrations.  It seems it would be much more useful, especially in a room with many windows, if it could be mounted near, but not on the window(s), rather than sticking one on each window (or 2 if it's double hung?).  They aren't exactly small either - that that aesthetically pleasing.  Thanks.

Brian H:
The manual is on the sales site.
It is designed to be used with an X10 security console and does not trigger a standard X10 module or console.
I don't have any but it sounds like it is supposed to be on a glass window and both the glass breaking and vibrations triggers it.

Brian H.,

Yeah, that's what I got from the manual, too.  I was hoping I might get someone on here that actually owns one, and could answer definitely.

But, thanks for the reply.  I appreciate your help.


Brian H:
WGL Designs is gone.
That had a X10 module. That received an X10 security message and mapped it to a standard X10 power line message.
I believe you maybe also be able to use Home Genie to do  it.


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