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Author Topic: X10 WM100 WIFI Hub Setup Issues on new dual band mesh routers  (Read 274 times)

Ro Vicek

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X10 WM100 WIFI Hub Setup Issues on new dual band mesh routers
« on: August 21, 2022, 12:10:25 PM »

Recently I upgraded our home to from 12Mbps to 1G since our town brought a fiber network right into the house. The only casualty of this change was that I could no longer control my X10 home automation through the WIFI (WM100 WIFI HUB) from my handheld devices. After review all the help and lessons learned on the web, I set off to solve the problem. I am sharing it here for others who might encounter the same problem.

The new network to the house required the installation of an EERO PRO 6 mesh router system. This router supports both 2.4ghz and 5ghz (dual band) automatically. The WM100 as we know will only work with the 2.4ghz band, and cannot work with a dual band router (At least I could not get it to work with this one).  The router gave me the ability to turn the 5ghz off for 15 minutes to setup 2.4ghz devices like the WM100. But after three ground up (factory reset to new / unload and reload app) attempts I could never get this method to allow me to setup the WM100 for WIFI usage.

So, what to do next --- I still had my old routers including one very old D-Link router that had been configured as an access point on my old network. I brought that old router up on the new network with its own unique ID. I then again attempted the “Ground Up’ setup  - and I swear here it gets weird!. I set the X10 APP to use the old D-Link router, and it still gave me a setup error – BUT – in relaunching the X10 APP, to my surprise, the X10 APP came up as CONNECTED, and I could reprogram it to control My network (45+ modules!) – and it worked perfectly.  I then set the WIFI device to go off the new EERO PRO 6 Router network, and it WORKED!! – I have full control and functionality of the X10 APP. All my other ipads, iphones, ipods, reconnected fine then through the dual band EERO router.

I am back up and working – keeping the old D-Link router in case I have to do the setup again.

In summary:
-   New Dual Band router would not facilitate setup of the X10 WM100 WIFI  Hub even when 5Ghz was disabled
-   Attached old WIFI Router as access point to new network with unique ID
-   Setup X10 WM100 WIFI HUB through the old router (Following the ground up, hard reset, factory reset installation guidelines).
-   Once setup was completed – operation of the WIFI HUB through the NEW dual band mesh routers worked fine
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