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Author Topic: Android 12 and HomeGenie Plus  (Read 2737 times)


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Android 12 and HomeGenie Plus
« on: December 25, 2022, 08:29:25 AM »

Me again .
Historically, I get things figured out and working nicely when something kicks over the applecart and I'm left scratching my head and looking confused.  Recently my wife's LG celphone crapped out after many years of service and needed to be replaced. OK fine bite the bullet and buy another. Got it, Worked wonderfully. It immediately updated to Android 12 and was still doing the things we asked.  Then I installed HomeGenie Plus from Google Play.  I booted HG + and scrolled down. The screen immediately started jumping and could not be used. Is this in common with anyone else?  The other Androids are still working  well, only the ver 12 is affected. I thought it wises to ask before monkeying around with settings as I thought someone in here would have an answer.

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