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Author Topic: Android 12 and HomeGenie Plus  (Read 1922 times)


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Android 12 and HomeGenie Plus
« on: January 29, 2023, 08:42:57 AM »

Just a quick query. Has anyone else had difficulty installing HomeGenie Plus on a newer cellphone running Android 12? I have sucessfully installed the app on an Android 10 tablet without difficulty, and had it work properly immediately. However, my wife's LG Velvet 5-G will control modules once, then start the phone screen flashing until app closed. Restarting the app will immediately cause the screen flashing again. Has the newest update changed this behavior? Or have I made a mistake during setup? (That would be my bet) My pi setup has not missed a beat since getting it back up last summer. My guess is a power surge destroyed my CM15-a and caused the meltdown of my RPi 3b+ as these were thepieces I needed to replace and re-program. Back to nearly full function and better backups now.


I have now installed HomeGenie Plus on two cellphones, one with android 11 and one with android 12 without difficulty. I see it has been updated on the Google Play website . My thanks to the developers.
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