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Author Topic: Home Assistant 2023.7.2 X10 CM15A  (Read 2150 times)


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Home Assistant 2023.7.2 X10 CM15A
« on: July 19, 2023, 07:33:35 PM »

I am a newbie to Home Assistant with some past linux experience.

Does anyone have an X10 CM15A working on Raspberry Pi 4B running Home Assistant 20237.2?

I have a lot of X10 devices throughout my home that I would like to integrate into Home Assistant.

From everything I've read I need to have mochad running. I have followed the instructions from,_CM15_Pro. I performed all of the steps in a terminal window from Studio Code Server. The only variation is that I used a mochad-0.1.21.tgz tar file that I obtained from this link: .

When I get to the test line: echo "pl a1 on" | nc localhost 1099 - I find that HAOS does not support the nc command.

I also do not know how to see if the HAOS is recognizing my CM15A or to see if the mochad process is even running?

I do not get any error in my terminal window when starting ./mochad


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