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Can someone speak to compatibility between the older DS7000 Security System and the newer SecureLink consoles?

I have to replace a SH624 security remote and X10 does not offer it any longer. So I wonder if their newer security remotes would work with the older security console? It seems older window/door and motion detectors do indeed work with the SecureLink console.

 Although I don't have the newer security console these use the x10 rf protocol. The web sales page states:
--- Quote ---Now, you can get the SecuriLINK Home Security Console by itself. This is perfect for anyone who already owns an X10 security system and/or owns X10 security modules. SecuriLINK is fully compatible with any X10 security modules - Door/Window Sensors (DS12A), Motion Detectors (MS18A), Keychain Security Remotes (KR32A), PowerHorns and more!
--- End quote ---

You have to teach the console what signals to watch for.

Brian H:
The presently sold KR32A should work with your DS7000.
But many features found in the SH624 are gone.
Like Arm Home or Arm Away choice.
Local On off buttons for the module address buttons on the older remote.

KR32 Manual:
Pressing ARM on the Keyfob remote always arms in the AWAY mode. This arms
all Door/Window Sensors AND Motion Detectors, but arms them instantly.
I believe the light On Off Button on the remote.
Should control the security light address. In the DS7000.

I have tested the other way around but not later remotes on the DS7000.
As I never had one to test.

The SH624 was included with the some of the earlier SC1200 Security kits.
Some function buttons worked differently.
Depending on time switch being set to MAX or MIN. 

I have an SH624 that I can send you if you want it.


Do the newer KR32A remotes allow for a delay, leaving the house after arming, such as the SH624s?


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