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Author Topic: TCASSIO - 1132CU + HCA question  (Read 2153 times)

russ larson

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TCASSIO - 1132CU + HCA question
« on: April 25, 2005, 09:52:10 AM »



I finally followed your lead and decided to
move to the 1132CUP and the V572AB and I
finally have timers that actually fire.  The
RF performance is much much better.  I
ordered the CUP version because it came with
their better software with macros etc.  I
must be honest and say their software is not
as intuitive as X10, but at least the
hardware is working good.  I noticed your
running the HCA software is this the free
version on version 5 the professional
version with all the macros, etc.  The
webshots of their software looks much better
than what came with my unit.

I also noted that the 1132CUP came in a
smaller package with a realtime clock and a
lithium battery.  My pc finds the unit
everytime I plug in the USB port, something
I could never get to happen with the CM15A.
I was running version 05C10 and the latest
software with no luck.  Timers would not
fire and the RF would not work more than
about 8 feet.

Anyway I was interested in your feedback on
the HCA software.. I noticed they wanted
$120 for the professional package which
seemed kind of high.  Any comments would be
appreciated.  Thanks


Tcassio  4/18/2005 01:34 PM
I had 2 CM15A's that I could not get to
work reliably, so I jumped shipped and went
with the Smarthome 1132CU.    Here is My
configuration:  1132 CU  Home Control
Assistant (Software)  V572AB  Smarthome
Phase coupler/repeater



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Re: TCASSIO - 1132CU + HCA question
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2005, 10:43:36 AM »

Russ,  I am running HCA version 6 standard
edition, cost was $80.  The professional
version gives added support for different
types of equipment that I have no
intention  of using.  I am very happy with
the  software.  However, if you are
considering  this software, there are some
things you  need to be aware of.  If you
are going to  be leaving the 1132 connected
to your  computer 24/7 with the software
running  then everything will work fine.
If you  intend to run the 1132 disconnected
from  your pc that there are some things
to  consider. There are certian aspects of
there program that will not download to
the  1132.  The limitations are not all
that big  a deal, but you should be aware.
If you  visit there website they explain
the  limitations of the 1132 and
downloading of  the programs.    There
website is  Good
luck  T.
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