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Author Topic: CM15A simple macro problem...  (Read 5919 times)


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CM15A simple macro problem...
« on: May 04, 2005, 01:05:27 AM »

I'm running WinXP Pro (SP1) with a CM15A, I
have 2 modules (1-DM10A & 1-PSM04),
The MS is outside over my cars & the SR is
in the bedroom across the house to tell me
when there is activity around the cars.
I've made a macro to turn the SR on & off
5X at 2sec intervals then on for 1min then
off. When I run the macro from the PC it
runs fine but when I run it from the
interface it runs fine except it does not
turn SR off. Tried adding 1-2 more off
commands, moving it to the same room as the
interface to no avail. This happened prior
to the last upgrade (3.186) the upgrade did
not affect it. It did work through 3
upgrades, I've also tried removing the
batteries & clearing the interface memory.
Maybe the interface?
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