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Author Topic: confussion regarding X-10  (Read 1928 times)


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confussion regarding X-10
« on: October 08, 2005, 01:40:47 AM »

why use 120KHZ bursts?can we not use other
frequencies? and is X-10 compatible with
220V systems?if not, how can I solve the

Brian H

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Re: confussion regarding X-10
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2005, 07:26:35 AM »

120Khz is what all the X10 and compatible units use. If you want to go with anohter one no X10 devices will work, without retuning. Smarthome with their Insteon modules use dual frequencies. 121Khz [close enough for widely tuned X10 modules] for X10 compatibility and 131.65 for Insteon Messages.
X10 220 volt modules are sold out of the USA and there are many modifications [you mod it you own it] for 220 volts on web sites like:
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