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Author Topic: Camera signals not work with scanning (2 parts)  (Read 7398 times)


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Camera signals not work with scanning (2 parts)
« on: June 10, 2005, 04:00:38 PM »

I have several issues with iWitness that I
have worked on for months now.  I cannot get
the AHP software to effectively change from
one camera to another consistently.  It will
attempt to change, send the signal, and the
cameras will either change (for 3 of them
most of the time) and NOT display the first
camera at all, or the first camera will
maintain the screen on ALL cameras for AHP.

Has anyone else had problems where the remote
control and one transceiver work fine, but
the AHP software with iWitness will not
produce a consistent solution?

2nd part:
I have a manual macro which will turn
transceiver A OFF before selecting the first
camera (A1 and have tried it as A5 - no
difference).  After a 15 second pause, I
switch to camera 2, repeat for 3 and 4, etc.
I finish the macro by triggering an RF
command to repeate the SAME macro trigger
thus causing an infinite loop (and thus a
self-made SCAN function which works by
turning the transceiver off and then
selecting A1 to turn the camera that causes
problems back on).

Anyway, I need to know how to STOP a macro in
the middle of it running.... if a different
macro is triggered to switch cameras and
record I need to be able to tell it to turn
this macro off FIRST or else this macro
starts repeating itself at two different time
intervals causing major havoc and confusion
in my self-made scanner :(

Any advice greatly appreciated on EITHER
problem - just need a solution that will
ACTUALLY work ALL the time.... overall
problem - can't get the cameras to scan
through ALL cameras and still execute a macro
then resume scanning when finished.


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