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Author Topic: AHP-IWitness-w other cameras?  (Read 10198 times)


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AHP-IWitness-w other cameras?
« on: June 26, 2005, 01:16:49 AM »

     I am looking at the AHP-Iwitness
package to bring the ccd camera we have, and
add a couple more later, into the computer.
I was wondering is anybody is using other
cameras since the x10's are limited to 310
lines unless you want the vanguard, if so

I don't care about controlling them with
AHP or Iwitness just recording from them and
maybe using the x10 motion detector as a
trigger to start the recording.

I'm also not sure of how more than one
wired camera gets into my computer through
the USB video capture device VA11A that is
included in the bundle.  Would I need one
for each camera? Or is that where using x10
cameras would let them pile up the signals
on one cable and the ahp/software would be
able to recognize that there are several
x10 'devices' on the single line.

I was looking into a smarthome bundle
until I saw the complaints and then found
out about the low quality cameras.  Any help
in figuring out if there is any way I can
make use of x10/smarthome how I would like
is appreciated.

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