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Author Topic: My first test of MyHouse  (Read 9724 times)

Tony Olson

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My first test of MyHouse
« on: February 13, 2006, 12:47:04 PM »

I setup the client with the "Waiting for
Remote Users" Message and went to the site
I attempted to log into MyHouse remotely.

At the remote site I got the "connected as
user" message followed by 2 "hardware
Event:Error in data" messages, followed by
a "Requesting Activity Status" and
another "Hardware Event: Error in data". I
signed off my remote site and came home.

Here's the interesting part... after I
returned home I looked at the MyHouse
Status and the Message(s) "User xxx
connected" followed by 2 "P16" and then a

I have a SmartHome Boosterlinc in my home
and I seem to remember (from messages I
read sometime ago) that this device sends
out P16 codes that appear in your Activity

Might be the source of one problem?

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