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Author Topic: Nested Conditional Macros  (Read 7629 times)


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Nested Conditional Macros
« on: March 16, 2005, 01:48:47 PM »

Okay, this might have been touched upon
already, but with no search function (X10 -
any chance you can add one?), it is not easy
to search.
I tried to create a nested macro last night.
The trigger is a PowerFlash module. I want
it to do the following:
If it is night, turn on the outside lights.
In addition, if it is Friday, after 4 pm,
turn on the lights in my dining room.
If it is Saturday, after 11:30 am, turn on
the lights in the dining room, and the
living room.

So, I created three macros (m2, m3, m4), one
to do each function, with the appropriate
conditions. I created a fourth macro (m1) to
run all three, with a 1 second delay between
It seems that when M1 gets triggered by the
powerflash (or a hand-held remote), it runs
M2, M3, and M4 (I created dummy modules so
they'd run), but the macros don't trigger.
I'll assume it's becuase the CM15A can't
evaluate the conditionals in the nested
macros. Anybody have any success making this
In the meantime, I created 1 conditional
macro, with 3 "else" statements, one for
each block of time where the commands would
be unique, with ALL the commands for that
Any help would be appreciated.
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