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Author Topic: Smart Macro with iWitness snapshot function  (Read 6873 times)

david k

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Smart Macro with iWitness snapshot function
« on: May 07, 2005, 06:43:14 PM »


The macro following competely works if RUN
MACRO button is clicked.  It runs when
triggered but only turns on the camera,
nothing else.

Is there something I am not getting with
Smart Macros because almost none of them
work if I use conditions, which is why I
purchased it to start with?

PLEASE TRY THIS: (copied from Macro Report)

Trigger condition start:M2 On
Flag Status Off exactly 5 and
Trigger condition end:
Set Flags [5] Flag Command
(C2) Camera 2 Select Camera
Delay 5 seconds
Record Snapshot
Delay 5 seconds
(C2) Camera 2 OFF
Clear Flags [5] Flag Command
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