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Author Topic: Real Cute X10  (Read 6976 times)


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Real Cute X10
« on: October 13, 2005, 10:33:02 PM »


I just spent an hour researching and
explaining, and writing, my problem and
symptoms for a message post. I was trying to
help you all out.

When I hit 'submit' it got trashed. I hope
all of you X10 A..h.... got a big laugh out
of that. Ha ha funny.

I posted earlier about how I had finally got
my video macros to work. THEY QUIT WORKING
AFTER TWO DAYS. X10 is useless now for my
video monitoring (I need 100% reliability).

My original post was kinder, but since you
all chose to trash it, here it is...

Where in the H... are you people? why in the
He.. don't you even spend a minute or two to
respond to some of these messages? Weeks of
messages and nothing! A simple, 'We are
working on it' would suffice in most cases.
You all should be ashamed.

I have dumped over a grand (over five years)
into a video system that I thought would at
least be able to take a reliable snapshot
from a direct wired camera. So far, it
hasn't been able to do that. ???

Some one, please tell me that I did not make
a real stupid decision by buying (cheap) X10
components instead of an (expensive) $1200
DVR card.

X10, your comments please?




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Re: Real Cute X10
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2005, 03:06:17 PM »


I got tired of this so I did some research.
I located a four channel PCI(XP) capture
card that has the motion detection ability
built into the video processor. This only
cost me $99.00. It will not, as far as I
know, record snapshots. I am hoping that it
will record (something, anything) in a
reliable manner on motion detected.
I will play with this and post my
opinionated results at some later time.

Since I ordered this today, I expect a few
weeks worth of time lag before I am able to
post anything worthwile.

MY goal (still) is to get my system working
100% and then either advise or do
installations for future customers.

X10 got crossed off of my list of possible
vendors today.

Sorry about that, you snooze, you loose.


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