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Author Topic: Using one motion sensor to do multiple things  (Read 4815 times)

ryan b

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Using one motion sensor to do multiple things
« on: January 08, 2006, 01:03:25 AM »

Iím new to all of his so I'm not even sure
if this can be done, but here goes. I have
a motion sensor located outside my small
bathroom, and I would like it to turn on
the lights when I walk by into the
bathroom, and the turn them off when I walk
out of the bathroom. I was hoping to be
able to do this with the smart macros plug
in. It is possible that a condition can be
set to turn the lights on and dim to a
certain level if they are off between a
certain time period when triggered by the
motion sensor, and them turn the same
lights off when motion is detected again
from the same exact motion sensor as I walk
out of the bathroom? I hope this makes
sense, Thanks for any help!


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Re: Using one motion sensor to do multiple things
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2006, 01:03:05 PM »

Yes it is Ryan!  Depending on which motion
sensor you have, you might have not even
had to buy the Smart Macros Plug-In.  What
you first have to do is create a macro of
what you want to happen.  For example,
(Bathroom Lights) On and dim to 50%.
Delay (5 min) Bathroom Lights off.

Then, just set the macro to a h/u code.
(M1 for example,) and set your motion
sensor to trigger M1.  So, when you walk
past the motion sensor, it sees you,
triggers M1, and your macro starts, dimming
the lights, delaying 5 min, then turning
them off.  You can set this (with Smart
Macros) to work only in the nighttime,
daytime, between certain hours, whatever!
I hope this helped!
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