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Author Topic: Help with trigger of sensor to wall switch . based on time interval not working  (Read 4332 times)


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I have a outside motion sensor. I put it near my garage door. what i want is at night IF there is motion to send the B1 ON code to
my B1 wall switch..  Since there is some light from the street and no light sensitivy switch on the motion dectector I bought ACTIVEHOME PRO because i could set up times.

I set the sensor detect motion at any time because the software is supposed to OVERRIDE that and ONLY when there is motion AND it is between 8pm and 5 am the sensor should send the ON Comand to the light switch...  but....  as soon as have motion REGARDLESS of the time the ON command is sent...  Also once it is on... in the macro.... if  i send an off comman then the light wont be on for the rest of the night... HOW DO I SET THIS up

Brian H

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That is your problem. Both the trigger and the actual module are on B1. Most likely B  House Code is being tranceived by the CM15A and directly being sent to the switch.
Someone with more macro experience should be able to step you through this.

-Bill- (of

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I would suggest setting the motion sensor's house-code (A-P) to something none of the switch modules are using like maybe "M".

For example:
Set the motion sensor's code to "M1" (assuming no other modules are on M1 or M2).
Change your macro trigger to "M1 on".

This way the motion sensor can't directly trigger the light and now the macro has all control over whether the light gets turned on.
-Bill- (of

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