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Author Topic: Some Modules Turn On/Off But Not Off/On  (Read 6041 times)


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Some Modules Turn On/Off But Not Off/On
« on: November 29, 2004, 11:22:16 PM »

I've been puling my hair out for weeks
trying to get the CM15A to work for all my
modules.  I can get all modules to work
with the CM11A, but not the 15A.  It will
turn some modules on, but not off.  Others
it won't control at all, but some work
fine.  I now have 3 of the phase bridges
installed in the breaker panel to try
to "connect" the dead spots, but it's not
working.  Why am I having so many problems
with transmisions?  RF isn't a problem as I
can be on opposite sides of the house as
the CM15A and use the HR12A remote and turn
a wall switch module on, but I can't dim it
or turn it off.  What gives?  I'm spending
enough money on this stuff to live in 1
chair with a couple remotes, but nothing
works right, nor are the results consistent.

I have a brand new house, and this seems
dumb that things don't work.

Please help.  I try the CM15A connected to
my PC and disconnected in a central place.
No complete success anywhere.  If I plug in
the CM11A in either spot, I get things to
work fine.  I just want the timer/macro
functionality from the CM15A over the FUSE
timer with the CM11A.
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