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Author Topic: ActiveHome Pro Timer Problems  (Read 5570 times)


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ActiveHome Pro Timer Problems
« on: November 30, 2004, 04:31:18 PM »

I have had ActiveHome Pro for about 6 weeks
and have experienced problems with the
clock drifting from the time I first hooked
it up.  It will keep perfect time for a few
days and all of a sudden it will be off a
few minutes and some times a few hours.  I
have applied all of the updates but the
probelms is still there.

A second problem, I can not clear the
interface memory.  Update 3.169 indicated
it fixed this problem but after clearing
the status still shows the same amount of
memory being used.

A new problem I saw this morning, I have
one light that is set to come on at 4:15am
Mon-Fri.  This morning every light
controlled by a X10 module came on at 4:15.

I've been considering going back to the old
ActiveHome module.
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