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Author Topic: Software version 3.179  (Read 3013 times)

carmine pacifico

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Software version 3.179
« on: February 05, 2005, 10:20:03 PM »

Hardware setting do not longer work, I had
to reinstall an older version to reset
correctly, then reinstall 3.179, macros
appear to work so far.
I know that other have complained before but
this is serious: the uninstall DOES NOT
WORK; this is unacceptable. You software
install is so badly messed up, the ability
to do a clean install itís not a luxury, but
a necessity.
In order to clean up the mess I deleted all
folder pertaining to X10 and active home,
3.179 did not installed correctly, I had to
install 3.168 (this one came when I
purchased the product), then reinstall 3.179.

Another problem is ActiveHomePro updates the
CM15 clock on start up, I can live with this,
but I would like to know how much the clock
was out , itís not uncommon for the
interface clock to fail, I have more than
one CM11A with  erratic clock, it would be
very nice if interface old clock value is
display in the hardware setup page.

I still do not understand why a full install
can not be download, I have heard so many
excuses, the reality is this software can
only be run with the CM15, and is included
in the price of purchase of the CM15.  The
web install fails so many times , that in
less than a week that I am using this
product  I must have run the install at
least 50 times or more, my time is valuable
to me, this could have been alleviate with a
single full download.

I understand  that for the money
ActiveHomePro  itís a great deal, but with
so many problems even free itís not a good


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Re: Software version 3.179
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2005, 03:14:28 PM »

ďI would like to know how much the clock
was outĒ

Carmine: Someone on this forum (I canít
remember who) suggested putting a digital
clock (battery removed) on an appliance
module and have a timer set to turn it off
at 11:59pm and back on at 12:00am.  Most
clocks will reset to midnight on a power
failure.  All you then have to do is check
the time on the clock at your conveninece.
If the time is correct, the clock on your
CM15a is correct (or at least was the
previous night).  I find this works really
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