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Author Topic: PanTiltPro  (Read 2398 times)


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« on: March 18, 2005, 07:12:57 PM »

Well I'll tell you what. i read most of the
messages here before getting X10 stuff and I
STILL bought it. Can't pass up cheap I
guess. First AHP now pantiltpro.

Had a problem with getting the proper
software for AHP (THANK GOD there are users
helping each other -thanks again Todd)

Now I download pantiltpro v1.0 and guess
what? - it downloads okay but bombs when i
run it. I sent a report including all
applicable info and the response i get
refers to AHP and trouble downloading the

I made it clear the problem was NOT with AHP
but Pantiltpro and NOT a problem with
downloading but running. I also sent the
error reported (oh by the way pantiltpro,
firecracker etc NONE of it worked). It was
obvious the responder to my report did not
read it - a one Mr. Aaron Filson. I
responded with a reference number etc and
apparently he was taken aback by my inquest.

The last e-mail i sent was on 3/16 and i
have not had a response since.

Since i handle help calls and develop
programs for a living I am appalled by the
lack of response.

I will have to decide whether to return the
$500 buck worth of equipment and begin
patronizing "smarthome" or some other vendor
or keep the equipment and design my own

I wonder if X10 is "outsourcing" their tech
support to India or Pakistan?

Good day to all
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