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Author Topic: Activity Monitor bug (?)  (Read 2354 times)


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Activity Monitor bug (?)
« on: April 01, 2005, 11:40:12 PM »

Not sure if this is a quirk with the
Activity Monitor, with the CM15A, or
the HR12A remote.

Using an HR12A remote, and sending brighten
commands to an LM14A, the activity log shows
the brighten commands coming across.

Most of the time, a single brighten will
show "Bright 21%".  After a few bright
commands, Bright 18% will pop in a few times,
and then (at random) Bright 5%, Bright 10%,
Bright 12%, Bright 15%, and Bright 17%.

It doesn't seem to affect actual OPERATION,
just thought it was odd that different
percentages were being reported.

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