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Author Topic: Macro seems to freeze the AHP  (Read 5144 times)


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Macro seems to freeze the AHP
« on: September 02, 2005, 08:51:01 PM »

I've been back a couple months and don't
see this issue covered, so:
Version 3.187
Not connected to USB full time
All macros executed from the interface, not
the PC.
Modules are of different vintages and brand
names, including X10, RCA, RadioShack. All
are 1 way, none are two way.

My particular issue is when I execute Macro
A9, usually "OFF"
"OFF" executes ON command sent to modules
A1 and A13 to brighten to 100%, then dim to
50% in 10% increments over a 5 minute
period. A1 and A13 are both light modules
and I've changed out both singularly and
together.  A1 may or may not be on and may
or may not be dimmed prior to macro
A9 ON executes the 100% bright to A1 and
A13, adds 100% bright to A12, then turns
off A13, and dims A1 to 60%. These are
executed sequentially with no delay.  A12
is a light switch module controlling an
outside porch light.
My problem is, more often than not, the
execution of A9 OFF hangs in the interface,
causing all macros and timers to freeze.
While I am able to execute commands
manually, with almost any controller, any
timers or macros in the interface can not
be executed until after I
1) purge delayed macros
2) Clear interface memory
3) download timers and macros

Sometimes I need to do the above more than
once before the system clears.  Needless to
say, since the issue occurs frequently, I
don't like to execute the macro to test the

Any ideas?


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