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Author Topic: CA506AV.SYS Causes System Crash (Multiview)  (Read 6078 times)

doug r.

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CA506AV.SYS Causes System Crash (Multiview)
« on: September 12, 2005, 11:30:17 AM »

The CA506AV.SYS file that is used for X10
video capture causes system crashes and
reboots. I know this driver is causing the
problem because I've used the WinDbg
utility to analyze the minidump log files
and the CA506AV.SYS driver is always the
problem. I've seen other post on the
Internet many other people are have the
same problem.

The video capture driver is v2.0.0.55 dated
3/19/2001. I cannot not find any update to
this driver.

I think it's about time that X10 spent a
few dollars to make the Multiview software
more stable.

If anyone knows of a newer version of the
driver, please reply.
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