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Author Topic: AHP 3.186 problems  (Read 2304 times)


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AHP 3.186 problems
« on: May 12, 2005, 11:49:40 AM »


After downloading new & changed timers &
1) Wrong modules turned on in response to
macro initiator.
2) Clearing & re-downloading memory didn't
fix problem.
3) After clearing memory, unplugging from
110VAC and USB, & removing batteries,
reconnecting & re-downloading memory,
things seemed to be operating correctly
and reported correctly in activity monitor.

On second day:
1) Macro stimulus and macro transmissions
not recorded in activity monitor, but
correct macro initiated responses occured.

I don't know when this started happening,
but I eventually used an old, memory
cleared, CM11A to monitor the following:
1) A timer event was being initiated at the
wrong time.
2) Another event, which is not in any timer
nor macro, was being initiated.
3) After clearing and powering down as
above, the same incorrect events occured.
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