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Author Topic: Some Bugs and Irratations (Part 1)  (Read 2440 times)


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Some Bugs and Irratations (Part 1)
« on: June 15, 2005, 06:40:04 PM »

I have AHP 3.187 running on XP with SP-1,
CM-15A code O5C10 running disconnected from
a PC, 14 module, 25 micros and 13 timers.
After some initial start up problems my
system has been running fairly reliably for
a couple of month.  I have the following
minor bugs and irritations that I would
like X10 to consider for itís next update:

1.  The Deleted Modules bin is a great
idea, but, I havenít figured out how to
restore a deleted Module or to view the
module once deleted.  If it actually works
then please explain how to use it, if not,
please either fix it or remove it.
2.  After merging a file the Timers portion
of the Group Pane changes the names of all
the timers to be the last name in the
Macros section.  The Timer names are
correct when viewed in the Timer Designer,
but not in the Group Pane.
3.  In the Macro Designer I like the
ability to click on the tabs at the top of
the screen to switch between macro
connected by an else.  However, with more
than 2 else conditions this feature becomes
4.The module control feature is great.
However, it suffers from the Bright vs. On
problem that lamp modules suffer from.
Hopefully, both will be fixed with the next
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