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Author Topic: Discovery/Lens/Water  (Read 9827 times)


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« on: January 12, 2005, 10:35:48 AM »

Someone here was having trouble with to
much light when they had there cam on. Well
if it is color I had the same
problem .Everything seemed cloudy and to
bright so I remembered some old photo
class’s I had some years back and we were
taught if your pictures were to light or
cloudy it was on or in your lens that had
the problem. Sure enough – I took the lens
off and found it had water in it. Taking
some lens paper very carefully I cleaned
the lens this did not help because inside
there is a very small square lens I assume
for the color attached to the main lens and
I found it had water in back of it.
I then took a can of air I use to clean my
key board with and very carefully blew the
water out and then let lens sit for 10
minutes or so. Put everything back adjusted
the focus and all is well.
Do not try to remove the little square
attached to the back of the main lens and
do not wipe it with tissue, paper towel and
when using air be sure to hold it back from
lens and do not hold it on but give short
bursts of air till you can see into the
lens and set aside for a while. I am not
sure what x10 would do about the warranty
but I did not want to play around sending
it back to them. The reason I used the air
and not just let it set till it dried was I
thought it would dry with spots on the lens.
I am now going to put very fine bead of
silicone around the outside edges in hopes
this well keep the water out.


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