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Author Topic: Need a system recommendation  (Read 2728 times)

john james

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Need a system recommendation
« on: February 15, 2005, 03:26:56 PM »

I want to set up a wireless X10 camera at a
remote location. I want to do two things with
the camera data:  be able to view it remotely
via the web, and have something at the remote
location occasionally post an image via the

The remote location will have DSL
connectivity, and have a computer there as
well. In looking through the myriad of
options and products, I'm having trouble
piecing together what software I would need,
what kind of device I would need to hook up
to the PC that would grab the wireless camera
data, and what else might come into play. Any
suggestions on what a complete solution would
look like? Thanks.


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Re: Need a system recommendation
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2005, 06:21:15 PM »

Choose the camera you want for the
location, for the example we'll say

How many do you want?  Maybe three?  For
the example we'll say three.

So you get three Nightwatch cams (wired or
wireless), you will need the video to USB
adapter (sold seperately) to connect them
to the PC.  The receiver and transceiver
should be included, those will be set up at
the remote location.

Now the tricky part.  The XRay Vision
software will dilligently post camera
data/images to a local or remote server
providing you have proper access rights.
The server needs to host HTTP to be able to
view the exported HTML file.

So you'll have to figure that out yourself
(X10 doesn't provide that service).

Unfortunately, XRay Vision (free version)
will not transmit live video feeds AFAIK,
so you will need seperate software of
higher quality.

You can actually transmit video through
software such as NetMeeting.  This is easy
to set up, but will, unfortunately, disable
your ability to export snapshots to the web
(XRay Vision and NetMeeting cannot be run
at the same time using the same capture

So a summary:

Cameras, wired or wireless, of your choice.

Required equipment included (receiver,

Additional equipment (video to USB adapter
and USB tranceiver for wireless cameras).

Software that, pardon my french, doesn't

Hope this helps.
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