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Author Topic: X10 NightWatch Camera SC23A need help setting up for vehicle monitoring  (Read 2741 times)


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Ive purchased this camera and I am unsure
what todo b/c it says low light. This is
how I currently have it setup up to monitor
and record my vehicles parked outside my
house. both vehicles are under a lightpole.
the cars are about 20 feet from the camera
which is in the air mounted on my roof
about 9 feet high. i cant see anything at
night. should i ge the camera closer to the
cars? thanks for your help.

c a smith

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Those night watch cameras are no good, if
you want a good camera for looking at your
cars at night I would go with the Day/Night
cameras, infared and not from this site, I
tried theirs and their cheap pieces of horse
dung, hehe, really another site, look at
other posts I have make about where to go to
find cheaper things.
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