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Author Topic: Multi-PC  (Read 4911 times)


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« on: December 16, 2005, 09:06:08 PM »

I am finally getting back to setting all my
x10 stuff back up in my house. I had to take
it all apart as we were doing some extensive
work on our house which required a lot of
things to be removed for a while. I had been
using Active Home (the first one, not Pro) as
well as 4 cameras with MultiView. I am
satisfied with x10's stuff as it has always
performed well for me.

Anyway, I went ahead and ordered AH Pro with
iWitness to handle the cameras. Now, I still
have the first ActiveHome and the original
cm11a interface.

What I am wanting to accompish is this. I
want to be able to use AH Pro on one PC to
control everything as in a typical
camera/automation setup. But, I would also
like to be able to have a different PC be
able to simply see the cameras. So, I'm
thinking this for this second PC. Use the
cm11a as a way to interface the camera
network to be able to control the cameras by
using MultiView. To get the signal from the
video receiver, I could use an RCA y-splitter
to split the signal coming out of the
receiver, and then contact one usb video
converter to one part of the y and to one pc,
and then connect another usb video converter
to the other part of the y and to the second PC.

So, the signals from the cams would go
something like this. Cam sends signal to the
video receiver, signal goes out the receiver
and is split with the y, one signal being fed
to one PC (using iWitness) and the other
signal being fed to another PC using
MultiView. Also, I would like to use the
cm11a at the second PC only to control
cameras, much in the same way that the cm15a
will control cameras on the first PC.

Logically, this all makes sense. My biggest
concerns are a) will splitting the signal out
from the video receiver cause any problems,
like degradation of the video, etc, and b)
will there be any problems using a cm15a and
a cm11a in the same network. The cm11a will
ONLY be used for camera control (like
manually switching from one camera to
another). Only the first PC will have the
software installed to control lighting using AHP.

I just need to find a way to be able to
monitor the cameras from 2 different PCs. I
was hoping to do the y-splitter to avoid
having to potentially buy another video
receiver, if possible. I already have 1
receiver, and I will have 2 usb video
adapters. It would be more cost effective to
simply split the video and send it over to
different usb video adapters.

Any ideas?

Brett (X10 Support)

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Re: Multi-PC
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2005, 09:32:46 PM »

<b>a) will splitting the signal out  from
the video receiver cause any problems,  like
degradation of the video, etc,)?</b>

There should be enough of a signal for both
feeds to get clean video to both devices.

<b>b)  will there be any problems using a
cm15a and  a cm11a in the same network.</b>

You should have no issues at all with this
setup. The only issue I could see is
possibly conflicting macros or timers.


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Re: Multi-PC
« Reply #2 on: December 16, 2005, 09:50:15 PM »

Hi Brett!

Thanks for the reply! I am thinking that
there shouldn't be any conflicts with macros
or timers as only one PC (the first one
using AHP/cm15a) will actually have any
timers or macros set up. The second PC won't
have anything like this. The only thing the
second one (with cm11a) will be able to do
is to view cams, and use the cm11a to
communicate over the wire to change which
camera is to be viewed at that time.
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