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Author Topic: PLEASE HELP!! NOTHING IS WORKING!!  (Read 5604 times)


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« on: February 05, 2006, 12:52:06 PM »

To whom it may concern:

I am having many many problems with the X10
equipment:  I am relatively
computer/electronics literate===> I have
never been so frustrated with any
electronics I ever bought.  If you can help
(with step by step directions), I would
really appreciate it.
1) STOP key on VCR COMMANDER 2 doesn't work
properly==> therefore, how can I record
using motion sensor?

2) I just want to set up 2 cameras with
motion sensors so that vcr records one or
the other.  I'm in an apartment.  I have 1
camera in living room; receiver in 2nd
bedroom; I absolutely cannot find any other
place in living room where receiver shows
camera #2--> it only works where there is a
receiver and a few doors perpendicular to
bedroom; but, as soon as I get to living
room, it stops working.

3.  Then I tried hooking up the USB
converter to my computer.  No matter how
many times I rebooted, the X10 drivers
would not shop up[only intel camera]; If I
managerd to somehow get x10 driverss to
start installying, the computer would die.
I have all the necessary software:
multiview, web-multiview, razor-
vision,...could someone please tell me what
I need to do?  NOTHING is working (except 1
basic tape being recorded to vcr)!!!

4. One of the programs I ran gave me an
error message of something like: "cannot
run '' file"?  I have Windows XP
Prof.  Again, I could not go on!!!


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« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2006, 03:46:26 PM »

interference is caused by TVs, Stereos,
PCs, fridges, stoves, lights, furnaces.
make sure none of these are in between the
reciever and cameras.

also, recievers should be as far from your
TV as posible, also try facing the video
reciever antenna strait up.

reprogram VCR commander VERY carefully
following instructions exact. AFTER making
sure your original remote for your VCR
works correctly.
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