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Author Topic: Caught like a fly in Honey  (Read 3019 times)

Shuda Gyst

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Caught like a fly in Honey
« on: June 11, 2005, 12:26:35 PM »

Ok so you think because a quick keyword
search brought you here this must be a good
idea hell look how cheap everything is,
right. Wrong the cost of this product is in
the employees and in chinese labor.  As a
matter of fact the Management at X10  has
been slahed of its top performers over  the
last year and that includes those most
vetted in the X10 technology. It hasn't
just  been low level management either, the
CFO  left in 2004, call and ask who the CEO
is  today, as far as I can tell you can't
get a  straight answer.  What you have left
at X10 is people either  too afraid to leave
or so willing to bend to  the will of the
company they can no longer  see what is
right in front of them. That is  the fact
they are working for a Sham company
intended as a Tax shelter for the wealthy
owners who don't even live in the USA. All
your hard earned cash you spend on these
products is shipped overseas and doesnt do
a  thing to help out Amercians at home. X10
Pays substandard wages but is clever enough
to con employees into thinking this is the
best they can do.    You dont have to be
fooled by the same  machine, first boycott
X10 and any subsidary  products buy from
someone else, second if  you think this is
just some bitter rambling  follow the link and then
compare business practices to well known
and  trusted companies. All I am asking is
that  you make an informed choice before
throwing  more money into China.  An
alternate to X10 is...
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