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Author Topic: Transceifer + remotes...  (Read 8888 times)


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Transceifer + remotes...
« on: November 23, 2005, 07:56:27 AM »

I'm fairly new to x10 equipment.
I bought a starter pack that came with a
computer hookup module which also acts as a
My house has 3 floors, if the computer module
is plugged in upstairs the remotes don't work
very well on the second floor with the x10
equipment setup on that floor.

What I'm wondering is if I can buy a single
transceifer and plug it in on that floor and
if that will solve my problem. So that would
give me a transceifer on 2 floors.

Please let me know if doing this will solve
my problem. And also how many transceivers do
most people have in the average house. Is it
1 per floor or something like that?

thanks for any advice,

Brian H

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Re: Transceifer + remotes...
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2005, 12:18:48 PM »

Could be a few problems. First the cm15a AHP
interface may not be receiving the signals
from the remotes. Try the antenna horizontal
sometimes that helps. In some setups an
added tranceiver like the TM751 will help,
but if more than one tranceiver see the same
remote command they may both send a signal
on the powerline and get scrambled. Some
here have done it fine.
Second common problem with X10 is that most
homes are wired split phase and line signals
have a problem getting to the other phase
and a phase coupler many times is needed. A
rough test for that is turn on a 220 Volt
Appliance like a oven stove or dryer and see
it problem modules get better. A plug in or
wired in pahse coupler can fix thet if
Third is noise makers and devices that
absorbe X10 signals. If you have any devices
like TVs Hi-Fi's etc. Unpluging them and
retest if things are better then a X10 noise
filter can be added.
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